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Reset Yourself with Breathing

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Whether you find the thought of resolutions and goals exciting or intimidating it’s always a good idea to reset yourself with breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing helps to calm the nervous system. It helps to slow your mind down. It relaxes your body. It grounds you. Everything gets better when you take time to mindfully breathe.

And there’s no better time than right here and right now…

Begin by gently exhaling.

Then inhale through your nose feeling the coolness of the air as it moves into your nose and across your sinuses.

Exhale with a whispered number count or a soft “ahhh”. Almost as if you want to fog up a mirror slowly.

Exhale fully but without force.

Pause for your body to say, “time to breathe”, and inhale (inhalation is a reflex).

Inhale again feeling the coolness of the air swirl up your nostrils and across your face.

Feel your breathe expand into the width and length of your back.

Then exhale again through your nose or with a gentle, whispered “ahhh”.

Repeat the cycle for a few minutes or more.


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