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Reset Your Mindset About What Counts as Exercise

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Yes! A fun fact about doing household chores is that chores are an opportunity to get some healthy movement in. And healthy movement counts as exercise. Because while you do chores like vacuuming and laundry and making beds and dusting and hauling the groceries in -- you're pulling and pushing and lifting and stretching. So yes, it counts as exercise.

And remember, just like you do when you exercise, take some time to warm up

before you go all in vacuuming or scrubbing the shower or whatever chore is on your to-do list.

And just like when you exercise, a good warm up is often the work out you'll be doing but at a lower intensity. So ease into vacuuming or scrubbing or hauling groceries. Then after you've warmed up you can gradually increase your intensity.

And just like exercising at the gym -- form matters. So be mindful of how you're pushing the vacuum and how you're lifting the laundry basket. And don't forget to do a cool down too.

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