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A Perfect Reset

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

A Perfect Reset is simply about reminding yourself that you are gloriously perfect in your imperfection. We all are.

And practicing this Perfect Reset is a source of power. Because it honors who you are. It honors who others are. It celebrates this amazing adventure called life.

Holding to a notion of "perfect" as anything other than your being a wondrous work in progress only serves to keep you from your power. It'll rob you of joy. It will keep you from expressing all the awesomeness and beauty within you. And the world needs your awesomeness to shine.

To practice this Perfect Reset you just need to be gentle with yourself.

If thoughts start stirring in your head that you're not enough or you find yourself going down a ridiculous spiral of focusing on all the ways you're not "perfect" just hit the pause button by breathing. Yes, take a few mindful breaths.

Then do something to get your head out of that negative spiral.

Maybe engage in some mindful movement. Feeling your body -- sensing your senses-- can help get you out of your head and into your body.

Maybe go for a walk. Get yourself out in nature if you can. Listen to the birds. Look up at the trees.



Sing "Happy Birthday" to yourself.

And yes I know it sounds silly to sing, "Happy Birthday" to yourself. Especially if it's not your actual birthday. But seriously silly measures are required when we start thinking ridiculous thoughts like we're not enough.

Then ask yourself, "what might have caused this ridiculous spiral?".

Maybe it was too much scrolling on the socials watching all the heavily curated highlights of other people's lives. Maybe your body is cranky from not enough movement or way too much overly processed foods. Maybe you've watched/listened to too many doom-gloom shows and podcasts. Maybe you've been around people who are focused on tearing others down rather than building people up.

All these things can have a negative affect on how we think about ourselves. How we think about others. How we think about life as a whole.

Paying attention to what you're taking in, on all levels, and how it affects you, is actually a reset within a Perfect Reset.

Then get back to knowing you are perfectly imperfect -- right here and now. Because you are.

And also embrace -- with wonder and awe-- that there's much room for improvement because there is. And that's the secret sauce to making life an incredible adventure.

After all, being "perfect" is a rather static and boring way to be. It limits possibilities because it doesn't allow for change.

Ain't nobody got time for that "perfect" nonsense.

Get out there and try things. Explore. Make mistakes. Fall down. Get back up and try again.

Be sure to have some fun along the way.

You're here. Might as well enjoy the perfectly imperfect adventure of being you.

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