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A Mindset Reset: Shake. It. Off.

We all screw up. We all make mistakes and fall short of our goals. And yes, sometimes that happens in the first few days of working towards a new goal. But here’s the thing, if you stay focused on a mistake you’ll only get stuck in a rut of regret. And that will keep you from moving forward on your goal path.


If you slept in on the third day of your exercise plan and didn’t get to the gym… Shake. It. Off.

If you ate a big slice of chocolate cake over the weekend when your plan was to be dessert free for the month… Shake. It. Off.

If your goal was to read each night before bed and on Thursday you ended up binge streaming instead… Shake. It. Off.

If your resolution was to swear less and someone cut you off in traffic which ended with you letting loose with a string of f-bombs and expletives that would make a salty sailor blush… Shake. It. Off.

Shake off your mistakes and missteps and choose again.

And please remember, each day — each moment, is a chance for you to choose again.

Choose hope. Choose getting back on your goal path. Choose you.

You got this!

*and btw… reflecting on your Highlight Reel might help you regain focus.

**and if you’re looking for inspiration about achieving goals then check out Leah Goldstein

Her philosophy of life is: No limits. A philosophy she truly embodies. She is all about encouraging others to dream big and realize their goals.

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