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A Mindset Reset: Create Your Highlight Reel

For some people making resolutions and setting goals is a mix of yearning for something more and excitement about possibilities. For others engaging in the process only leads to stress and anxiety.

The lens you use to view the process can make all the difference in your experience. You can choose to see what is possible based on your highlight reel or your blooper reel. And yes, both reels offer insights in regards to how you might grow. But if you stay focused only on your blooper reel — the mistakes you’ve made —then your path to realizing your goals will be more challenging than it needs to be.

So perhaps try this Mindset Reset. Make a list of five to ten times in your life in which you achieved what you set out to do. The times you saw your goals through to a successful conclusion. The times you were left a bit in awe of yourself and what you accomplished. This is your highlight reel. And you might even call it your “I’m pretty awe-some!” list.

Your highlight reel can draw on any period in your life. Maybe you had perfect attendance in grade school or lettered in a sport in high school. Maybe you’ve rebuilt a car engine or built a deck in your backyard. Maybe you’ve trained for a half marathon. Maybe you’ve hit a personal deadlift record. Maybe you’ve raised a family. Maybe you’ve led a successful project at work or helped a non-profit raise resources. Maybe you graduated from college or trade school. Maybe you’ve learned another language. Maybe you’ve lost weight. Maybe you’ve gotten sober or quit smoking. Maybe you’ve learned to tap dance or swim as an adult. Maybe you’ve learned how to cook. Maybe you’ve finally learned how to fold a fitted sheet (is that even possible?).

No accomplished goal is too big or too small for your highlight reel. And while you start your list with five to ten entries you can always add more. And by all means, please continue to add more.

Because this list will serve to remind you that you are able to make your resolutions stick and achieve your dreams. And this will be important when life happens and obstacles pop up in your path.

So start writing your list. Add to it as you go.

Then make it a daily practice to revisit your list and reflect on it for a few minutes. Use this Mindset Reset to reconnect you to how good it felt to achieve those goals. To remind you that you are able to make shift happen. Use this practice as fuel to move you towards your current goals and dreams.

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