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resilience + healing + strength

I’ve worked on and with a whole lot of bodies over the years. I’ve learned many things about the body and also a variety of bodywork techniques and assessment tools. I’ve been fortunate to study with and learn from some amazingly smart people.

But I keep coming back to the truth that the most powerful thing I can offer people is the truth. And the truth is... we are not meant to be broken. We are all designed to live fully throughout all our days.

A whole helluva lot of resilience + healing + strength lies within each of us… just waiting to be expressed. In fact, resilience + healing + strength are a part of our design.

So more and more I see my job as simply being about holding the space for hope + healing when it’s hard for others to find that space.

And my job is also about sharing simple ways… like Original Strength Resets… that serve people in reconnecting to the resilience + healing + strength that lies within them.

So if you’re reading this... please know... you were not meant to be broken. Hold on to that.

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