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Are Your Goals Smart?

When you think about making resolutions or setting goals it can be helpful to make your goals SMART. Why? Because SMART goals increase your chances of success.

So Press Reset on your goals by taking them through the SMART goal process.

Ask yourself the following questions: Is my goal specific? Is it measurable? Is it attainable? Is it relevant to and realistic for me? Do I have a time-frame?

For instance, a goal of getting in shape is wonderful. But what does it mean?

Perhaps a clearer goal would be: I enjoy walking so I will go for a 30 minute walk five times a week for 30 days. This goal now meets the SMART criteria: specific (walking), measurable (30 minutes five times a week), realistic/relevant (walking is an enjoyable activity), time-frame (30 days).

At the end of the time-frame your SMART goal can be continued as is or reset to present a new challenge.

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