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A Reset (ok, a few resets) for Happy Feet

Our feet do a lot for us. They offer us a foundation when we stand and serve us in moving through the world.

Our feet deserve some serious respect. They are a miracle of design and they work really hard. They deserve to be treated well. They deserve to be happy.

And a bonus to our feet being happy is that our ankles, knees, hips, low back — our whole body — become happier as well.

Feet are happiest when they are free to move. When they are able to express more of their reflexive strength, mobility, and control.

Happy feet are feet that feel safe to move in all the ways they’re brilliantly designed to move.

Happy feet help the whole body to express more of its reflexive strength and fluidity of movement. It’s a beautiful chain reaction.

When our feet aren’t feeling free to move — when they feel cramped and locked down — we become uncertain in our movement. We become locked down. That’s no way to move through life.

So what can a person do to help keep their feet healthy and happy? I’m glad you asked.

Below are some helpful ways you can reset your feet from cranky and locked down to happy and free. And by all means talk to your physician if you have any concerns or questions about the happy feet suggestions below.

  1. Get a foot massage or massage your own feet. Feet like to feel loved on.

  2. Let your feet be naked in the world. It helps your feet feel and make sense of the world. If you’d like to know more about why your feet like to be naked and feel things you can read more here: “A Sense-able Reset for Your Feet

  3. Explore this Original Strength Reset: Mobile Ankles = Healthy Body. You can really set your feet free with this. And remember, with all OS Resets: breathe, go slowly, and never move into pain.

  4. Try the OS Lego Rock. Feet like this.

  5. Play with this OS Reset: How to Restore Your Feet and Hips. Lots more going on here but it gives your feet a chance to move with the rest of your body.

  6. Pick up things with your toes. Feet like to be handy (see what I did there).

  7. Be a kid again and play with walking on your tiptoes. Then play with walking on your heels. Next play with walking on the inside of your foot. Then play with walking on the outside of your foot. Maybe try 10 to 20 steps of each and notice how your feet feel.

  8. Walk forward and backward. Maybe walk forward 10 to 20 steps and then walk backward. Notice how it feels.

Our feet are designed to move in a myriad of ways and feel lots of different textures and surfaces. Feet are happier when they are free to do this.

So why not begin taking 5 to 10 minutes each day to love on your feet by setting your feet free to play. You can simply start with any of the above Happy Feet Resets.

Just be sure to practice gradual progress and have fun exploring.

Your feet will be happier and so will the rest of you.

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