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3 Steps to Crush Your Goals

Step 1

Set Your Goal:

Make sure it's something you want and something that's achievable. Setting a SMART goal can be helpful.

Step 2

Show Up and Do Your Best:

Know this -- life happens. Unexpected events might throw a wrench in your plans. You might throw a wrench in your plans. You'll have days in which you make progress and days you don't. Accept that. It's okay. Know that a superpower for crushing goals is self-compassion. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself grace. Give yourself room to breathe.

Step 3

Revisit and Rework Your Goal If Need Be:

Falling short of goals is a normal part of life. After all, nobody bats a thousand. That's truth. And yes, it generally doesn't feel good to fail. Just acknowledge that it sucks but don't let yourself ruminate and get stuck there. If you practice self-compassion it will create space for you to revisit and rework your goal(s). It will allow you to learn from your experience and discover creative solutions. It will allow you to grow from mistakes. Ask yourself, "What did I do that was helpful? What might be more helpful next time?" and get back to working towards your goal.

That's it. Those are the Three Steps to Crush Your Goals.

Just keep cycling through the steps as you need to.

Be gentle with yourself.

You've got this!

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