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Reset Yourself with the Wisdom of a Child

Babies are often wiser than adults. They don't get stuck in a vicious circle of self-criticism.

If something doesn't work out or they're unhappy-- they simply cry and get it out of their system.

They don't spend their time making mental notes of their mistakes or other people's mistakes.

They don't get caught up in, "well, you did this so I did that" or "you said that so I'm not going to talk to you now".

They simply don't hang on to shit that can weigh them down.

So isn't it kind of silly how -- when we grow up -- we just hold on to shit that ends up weighing us down? It really is pretty ridiculous.

Maybe we all just need a collective diaper change.

And the collective poopy diaper change begins when we choose to practice being gentler with ourselves — and others.

It really is that simple.

*please remember to play nice + be kind out there :)*

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