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A Mindset Reset: Embody Life

Our frontal lobes and the rest of our brains help us navigate life. But sometimes we can get so caught up in planning and thinking (frontal lobe) that we miss out on receiving all the wondrous sensory messages our senses offer us.

We forget to smell the flowers or listen to the birds sing their songs. We miss the feel of the breeze as it moves across our skin. We forget to play barefoot in the grass and feel it tickle our toes. We forget to take in the smells and sounds as we cook our meals. We don't get outside our thinking long enough so we can pay attention to -- and really listen to -- the sound of a loved one's voice and what their heart is really trying to say. We miss out on so much of what it means to be alive.

So perhaps today -- take a moment to listen to the sounds around you. Step outside -- maybe even barefoot -- and listen to the birds. Feel the breeze. If the sun is out --- soak up some rays. If it's raining --- feel the raindrops dance on your skin. Smell the flowers and the trees.

And when you sit down to eat let your senses take in your food. See. Smell. Taste. Savor your meal with gratitude.

And maybe take some time to sit with and really listen to a loved one --- or even a stranger --- share what's on their heart. Maybe it's a story about their dog or the deal they got on a new set of tires or how their March Madness bracket was broken in round one or how they had a stressful day. Maybe it's about a new job or maybe it's about a lost one. Just listen. No need to do anything other than bear witness to their joy or their pain.

Our senses offer us connection to life in a way thinking doesn't. Our senses are a portal to the moment -- to now. All we need do to experience that connection is to get out of our frontal lobes so we can embody life more.

And the amazing thing is --- the more you allow yourself moments to embody life the better your frontal lobe can get at doing things like thinking and planning. The better all of you gets.

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