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A Reset for Mind/Body Resonance

This blog will be short. I simply wanted to share the best meditative breathing app I’ve come across — and I’ve tried a lot of them.

The app I’m talking about is a crazy simple and wonderfully designed app. It’s called Resonant Breathing.

The app is totally free to download and there’s no ongoing subscription fee. All you need is a smart device. The app is available via Apple and Google.

The app is brought to you by Forrest Knutson (aka That Yogi Guy). His website is Meditative Mellows. The website contains links to his socials.

You can use the app for 5 minutes at a time or longer. Using the app allows you and opportunity to hit pause and press reset on your nervous system. The app comes with a intro video by Forrest explaining some of the science behind Resonant Breathing.

The breathing animation of the app is clean and simple. You can use the visual of the animation to guide your breathing practice or simply listen to the tones.

And if you want to learn more of the science behind Resonant Breathing there are reasonably priced training downloads at Meditative Mellows. Forrest also offers some great information on his YouTube channel.

Get the app. Use it. Your mind and body will appreciate the resonance reset.

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