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A Mindset Reset for When Life Feels Like a 💩show…

We all have times in our lives when life feels like a total 💩show.

Sometimes life can even feel like a full blown dumpster 🔥 💩show.

And when life feels like a 💩show it can be hard to get motivated. Calling into life, unmotivated and overwhelmed, can seem like the best plan.

But a better plan might be to recognize that a new day awaits you. And its yours to do with as you choose.

And that's why I'm sharing a new day, blue sky meme. Because as trite as it may sound -- it's true. And you have a big say in how you'll spend your new day-- because it's your new day.

And yes, knowing this won't necessarily make your day -- your life-- all 🌈 and 🦄. It won't magically make your fairy godmother or wish-granting genie appear -- but it's helpful to remember.

Why? Because it gives you space -- in the face of all the 💩 going on around you -- to still show up for your life. To show up for you.

Now that doesn't mean on 💩storm days that you have to carpe the hell outta your diem and show up all sparkly every minute of the day.

What I'm talking about is not wasting your brand spanking new day by not engaging with it.

Simply show up and make some goodness happen for you.

And yes, there are some things you're going to have to do. We all have some non-negotiable commitments due to family, friends, and work.

But be sure to do some things that you want to do. Things that will make you feel good.

If eating a donut after breakfast makes you feel good. Do it.

And if going for a walk instead of going to the gym makes you feel good. Do it.

And if yesterday you had your sites set on checking off every task on your to-do list but you just don't have it in you today -- focus on one task.

And if checking off one task feels good feel free to go after another.

Sit in your garden or a park for ten minutes (or more) and take in the beauty of nature.

Crank up the volume of a favorite song and sing along as you drive with the windows down.

Breathe. Smile. Be gentle with yourself.

Because life isn't always easy. Life can sometimes wear a person out.

There are days it's heavy lifting to simply show up amidst a 💩storm.

Just keep on showing up.

You got this.

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