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Pressing Reset for Better Breathing

So I did a thing. I collaborated with my friend, Tim Anderson of Original Strength, to write a booklet to serve people in reclaiming more of their breathing potential. Why? Because as we state in the intro of this little booklet:

"How we breathe is how we move through life. How we move is how we breathe. Breathing is movement. Breathing is life.

Breathing is the key that allows us to unlock tension and feel safe. And when we feel safe it is easier to move past limits. It is easier to heal. It is easier to move through life with power, fluidity, and joy.

And no matter what the quality of your breathing is right here, right now in this very moment, there’s always room to move from good to better to best.

And as your breathing gets better, all of you gets better. All it takes is the willingness and openness to explore your design. To experience how you were made to breathe and how you were made to move."

Now this little booklet contains some crazy simple but amazing ways to up your breathing game. It's all about returning to how you're designed to breathe.

You can purchase a copy of Pressing Reset for Better Breathing here

I trust that this little booklet will help you breathe better + move better. If you have any questions or would like to dive deeper into how you can begin reclaiming more of your breathing + moving birthright... please reach out by emailing me. The booklet is just the beginning.

And also please know that I am available for in person sessions as well as virtual sessions to help you up breathe better + move better.

May you allow yourself space to be breathed,


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